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EarthBoy!Hugo Lovers' Journal
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Date:2005-03-21 12:53

Earthboy. I love it. He is a little Earthboy, ain't he? I joined because Hugo is a major cutie and the only choice for Flame Champion. Yes, you heard it. Also because I love all the Karayans. Hopefully I'll get some decent fanart up soon.

Anybody else got the Suikoden III manga? Geeeeez I could EAT him he looks so good in it! X3


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Date:2005-01-18 03:34
Mood: drained


Eveone nice to meet you maybe so. Yes I love anything that has to do with Genso Suikoden. fan beside Star ocean...yes I am also into many diffrent type of Fanfiction, I do like many parings as well as the Genso Suikoden music. also is good to hear. if they did make and Suikoden Anmie I would see it hey It can happen they did it to Star Ocean...and why not Suikoden?. well what made me like Hugo was the story and the pain the love of lost one and things like that. beside become the Flame Champion was alright also. and there is not too many fic's out there. or it can be me. anyways thanks fore listing to me.

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Date:2004-06-27 21:13
Mood: chipper

Okay, I have a question for the community, and I would love some feedback. What is your favourite Suikoden pairing, preferably with Hugo in it ^^ ?

I don't really have a favourite pairing just yet, but for some odd reason, I've thought several times about the Yuber- Hugo pairing. Bizarre, no? I though so, but for some reason, it seems right when I work out reasons and situations.

Of course, there are always the classics such as:
Viktor-Flik (I can see it...if I try hard)
Hix-Tengaar (Awww)
Yuber-Albert Silverberg (Um...no)
Geddoe-Hugo (Not sure, I understand that one)
Hugo-Chris (Not sure I want to know about that one)
Futch-Sasuke (What the...?)
...Many others...

So, what is everyone's choosen pairing?

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Date:2004-06-24 15:33
Subject:Hi hi!
Mood: cheerful

Hello everyone!

I just joined this community because...well, Hugo is one of my most favourite characters in Suikoden III. He's right up beside Yuber, who is just as cool.

I was wondering if anyone out there had and knew of any fanfiction about Hugo. I just can't seemed to find too much, though I have considered writing some myself. Fanfiction/Fanart about him is quite rare, but when it is found, it is special in its rarity. If anyone knew or had some, I would love to read/look at it.

Does anyone think that Hugo will return in another Suikoden? (Obviously not the fourth considering it is in the past).

I'm glad to be here and I hope to be talking with all of you soon!

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Date:2004-03-27 01:20
Mood: anxious

I absolutely love Hugo from Suikoden III. He was the character that immediately attracted me, and I instantly feel in love. And by no perfect coincidence, my bf looks exactly like Hugo too...LOL I have a living, breathing Hugo. ^o^ *snuggles him* In fact, next year, he'll be cosplaying Hugo at a local anime convention.

I'll post some Hugo fanart here sometime...^_^ Awesome community BTW. You guys rock!

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Date:2004-01-23 01:36
Subject:The lurker speaks...
Mood: blank

and with art as offerings.

I'm a Hugo-fan too~. *waves an 'I lurf the Hugo' flag* Anyway... randomness from me.

Hugo pencil sketch
S3 Hugo Pen doodles

Belated happy new year/Lunar new year. ^_^

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Date:2004-01-07 18:27

Okey then this is the picture Lord caillen said I was allowed to post. I did it with normal #2 pencils and a paper pencil for shadin a few thins. Its done on normal setch paper. Its rated PG and is cute fluffyness but I shall still put it behind a cut for any of you who do not wanna see semi-neck kissin on Jimbas half. This pic is Hugo/Jimba slash. Mmm. ^^

Wanna see?Collapse )

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Date:2004-01-07 09:23
Subject:Intro and question...
Mood: cheerful

Okay so I just started recently in the Suiko3 luff. I got it for christmas and when givin the choice to pick who I wanted to play I immediately fell for Hugo. This earth boy is just so sexy. I'll agree so is Jimba (yum) But my love for Hugo far surpases that for Jimba...I actually like em both together.

But anyway name's FeatheredQuill or FQ for short and I lurves Hugo. (This sounds like a AA meeting intro. ^.^)

Oh an I was wondering if posting a guess I'd say PGish fluffy luve Hugo/Jimba pic I drew would be acceptable?

::bows and worships Lord caillen and High Priestess refracting:: I am but a worthless peasent. ^_^

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Date:2003-05-21 15:02

I just joined. I'm more of a fan of Jimba than of Hugo actually...but whatever. This is a Suikoden LJ community and I must support it!

*hugs Hugo and Jimba*

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Date:2003-04-06 09:07
Mood: chipper

Oh my God! It's EarthBoy!Hugo loff!!

Er, yes...hi, I'm Kelly, reporting for duty here with the other Hugo slaves, I mean, 'fans'. ^_^ Can't wait to get to Hugo worshipping. Yum, yum, yum...

(though Luc is quite a cutie as well -- :D)

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Date:2003-04-06 16:08
Subject:welcome to the world of earthboy!hugo love

caillen: Welcome to the Wonderful world of Luc worship *gets whacked* Oh yes Hugo Worship I mean XD
refracting: ¬_¬; HUGO. EarthBoy!Hugo worship.
caillen: Uh yeah, him too *nods* But first Lu...*gets whacked* Ok Hugo because it all starts with the Earth Boy and he's brave and cuddly *watches first priestess of EarthBoy!Hugo Love wibble*
refracting: RIGHT. EarthBoy!Hugo! That's why we made this after all, wench. *wibbles*
caillen: Right right! And HIS DAGGER IS BIGGER THAN ANYONE'S DAGGER *nods* *wibbles*
refracting: Yeah! So, welcome to the communtiy of EarthBoy!Hugo love!
caillen: And remember, WIBBLE is a very important word! XD
refracting: Yes, yes it is. Now, let's get down to the worshipping!

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