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Okay, I have a question for the community, and I would love some feedback. What is your favourite Suikoden pairing, preferably with Hugo in it ^^ ?

I don't really have a favourite pairing just yet, but for some odd reason, I've thought several times about the Yuber- Hugo pairing. Bizarre, no? I though so, but for some reason, it seems right when I work out reasons and situations.

Of course, there are always the classics such as:
Viktor-Flik (I can see it...if I try hard)
Hix-Tengaar (Awww)
Yuber-Albert Silverberg (
Geddoe-Hugo (Not sure, I understand that one)
Hugo-Chris (Not sure I want to know about that one)
Futch-Sasuke (What the...?)
...Many others...

So, what is everyone's choosen pairing?
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For some odd reason I have seen Caesar x Hugo. I actually like Chris x Yun. I have some cute pics of that. I can't pair Hugo with anyone... (although I did draw some Hugo x Nanami pics for personal reasons). I honestly HATE Luc x Sarah, mainly cuz Sarah pissed me off.

Some of my faves:

Jacques x Aila
Luc x Viki
Tir McDohl x Luc
Camus x Nanami

That's all the ones I can think of...
Share some Chris x Yun pics!! Please! ^O^
wowwy. my name's hugo. does that mean you worship me? stupid question because i already knew the answer. i mean i am your god.
I'm a total LilyXHugo fan. x) I dunno why..
Kewl. I know a lot of people who are into that pairing. I myself am not, but it is always good to get a vast array of people looking at different pairings. Makes things more interesting.
Chirs/Hugo- love and sort of hate thing between them.
Lilly/Hugo- maybe he the only one who can stand her?...
Greddoe/Hugo- don't know but but I thought Greddoe would have and tie with the last FC.
Thomas/Hugo- some paring did that at kind of good.
Sasarai/Hugo- uh never did think of them as and couple but who knows.
Luc/Hugo- might be and lot of hate between them. but I don't know about that one. maybe some Manga.
Yuber/Hugo- well you think it Bizarre but I did fine and Japanese Manga on them both on and Japnese sight. but scary.
Rody/Hugo- way too cute fore me.

Well as you see some people like some paring and some don't but I won't push fore and couple yet just some ideas that was in my mind. yes in Japan sight's might have more into deep about the SLASH Genoso Suikoden. Doujinshi.