be cool, soda pop (refracting) wrote in windandearth,
be cool, soda pop

welcome to the world of earthboy!hugo love

caillen: Welcome to the Wonderful world of Luc worship *gets whacked* Oh yes Hugo Worship I mean XD
refracting: ¬_¬; HUGO. EarthBoy!Hugo worship.
caillen: Uh yeah, him too *nods* But first Lu...*gets whacked* Ok Hugo because it all starts with the Earth Boy and he's brave and cuddly *watches first priestess of EarthBoy!Hugo Love wibble*
refracting: RIGHT. EarthBoy!Hugo! That's why we made this after all, wench. *wibbles*
caillen: Right right! And HIS DAGGER IS BIGGER THAN ANYONE'S DAGGER *nods* *wibbles*
refracting: Yeah! So, welcome to the communtiy of EarthBoy!Hugo love!
caillen: And remember, WIBBLE is a very important word! XD
refracting: Yes, yes it is. Now, let's get down to the worshipping!
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