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windandearth's Journal

EarthBoy!Hugo Lovers
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This community is a gathering place for all those who love EarthBoy!Hugo from the PS2 game Suikoden III. Yes, that is refracting's pet name for him. No, you don't have to use it. It'd be cool if you did, though.

The maintainers of this place are refracting (High Priestess of EarthBoy!Hugo Love) and caillen (Sexy!Luc's Permanent Leg Accesory). Direct any questions to them.

Stop by, settle in, and have fun talking about Hugo. Discussion about the game itself is alright, as long as it relates to Hugo in some way, but please put major spoilers under an lj-cut so that those who wish to avoid them don't need someone to proof every post for them.

And at caillen's request: Bow down and worship us, peasants!